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Hire agents by hours
10 hours per week
40 hours per month
$2.5 per hour
20 hours per week
80 hours per month
$2 per hour
40 hours per week
160 hours per month
$1.5 per hour
24/7 online and kicking
less than $0.9 per hour
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Minimal monthly payment is $30
Whatever you choose - we guarantee free and fast onboarding process and high-quality service
Do you need access to my website backend or code?

No, you shouldn't provide us with any access details. All you need to do is to copy and paste a small piece of code (or ask your developer to do this) to the pages you want the live chat widget to be active on. Our manager will gladly assist you if you experience any difficulties during this process.

Fast onboarding remember?

Do I need pay annual service or other way in advance?

You only pay for the upcoming 30 days according to the plan you choose. In case you wish to upgrade or downgrade during this period, please contact our support team to get things done. If you want to pay for a year ahead, however, you would save a lot as we offer the mind-blowing 50% bonus to your initial payment. So you can get twice as more excellent live chat agents service for the same money.

What if I don't like the agent working on my website?

Our live chat agents are people, not bots. Sometimes people make mistakes and don't meet someone's expectations. We understand that and therefore enable you to flag any conversation for the supervisor to analyze it and make necessary improvements. In case you want to remove the particular agent from the team assigned to your project, please mention that when flagging the conversation.

How can I pay you?

We accept credit cards and PayPal. If your payment exceeds $1000, we can also receive payment through wire transfer in USA and Europe. If you are not able to pay these ways, please our support team to find out how we can sort this out.

Let's say I want to cancel everything and get my money back?

In case something unexpected happens and you wish to stop cooperating with us, we will refund the money you haven't used. This is not only the money left on your balance, but also the money deducted from the balance to cover the monthly agreement you choose starting from the next week.
Let's hope this never happens as it has never happens to us before.

Is there any trial period?

Accepting a new client is a time and human resources consuming process, therefore making trials not suitable for out business. However, we realise it might be handy to try SupPROS prior to starting long-term relations with us. That is why we offer a great #30 package with 15 conversations included that allows you to see how it works before switching to a more attractive package based on hours your live chat is online.